Staircase Strategy
Staircase Strategy
Empowering Emerging Leaders


Staircase works with emerging leaders to create positive change in your organization 

You will leave our immersive workshops with an integrated toolkit to complete strategic initiatives


Our Sweet Spot

We address the gap in services between consultants who leave reports and consultants who build the product by joining up with your team to work on strategic initiatives and create lasting change in your organization.


How we work together

We're known for our workshops that bring together people who have different priorities, generational differences, and who operate in different ways. They can all come to the same place (or virtual space), to think about and clearly articulate what their end goals are and how they will deliver on those goals.


Teams we have worked with



  • Ancestry

  • Capital One

  • Cigna

  • GE

  • General Assembly

  • Google

  • IBM

  • Marriott International

  • Sunrun

  • Pearson

  • WalMart


  • City of New York

  • City of Oakland

  • City of Chicago

  • City of Boston

  • City of Dubai

  • Government of Madagascar

Universities &


  • Harvard University

  • New York University

  • The World Bank

  • Johns Hopkins

  • The Bloomberg Foundation

  • Allied Media Projects

  • The Midwest Public Library


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Our VIRTUAL Office

We are a distributed team across the United States, representing each timezone.

Currently represented in: NYC, Denver, San Francisco & The PNW